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GoStats Hit counter Glossary Page 3

The last page that your visitor sees in a session. What could be improved on these pages which are the last thing your customer will see? Perhaps you can ask them to bookmark your site for later? Maybe allowing your customer to enter their email? Ensure that the exit pages found at the top of your exit list are optimized for the end of a visitors session.

This option identifies how many pages deep into your website that are visited per session. This uses path data about your visitors to better understand how deep your sites link structure is. It is important that this number is not too high or too low on average.

The time that a visitor spends on your site is precious. Monitor this feature to ensure that your visitors aren't leaving in a hurry. Watch the increase or decrease of this number as you make and evaluate design changes to your site.

Operation Systems:
Aside from showing Windows, the most common OS (Operating System), you will see a breakdown of the different versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. which your visitors are using. It is important to know how your site is being seen and often different OSs make for a great difference in the resulting experience.

The internet browser used by visitors to your site can have a dramatic effect on what they actually see. Common browsers such as FireFox or Microsoft Internet Explorer can vary in experience as it is common for same pages to be displayed differently. It is highly recommended that you test your web site using the most popular broswers in your GoStats list.
Free Web Counter, Site Counter, Website Hit Counters, Stat Counters
The height and width in pixels of your visitor's computer screen.

The resolution of the monitors of your visitors.

Color Depths:
Denoted in color bits per pixel; generally the higher the number, the more colors a visitor's monitor can produce. Are you fully optimizing your website's colors to your most common visitor?

Each time someone visits your site within an hour time frame. Generally sessions are useful to better understand repeat traffic to your site and the relation of hits to visitors. As the number of sessions increases relative to the number of visitors, it indicates people returning to your site during the day. The relation of hits to sessions indicate how deep each session is.

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