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GoStats Hit counter Glossary Page 1

Counting hits and displaying the total on your site. GoStats takes this one step further and adds-in a powerful web statistics engine which processes and displays a comprehensive report of your website's traffic

Counter Summary:
The GoStats counter summary contains important at-a-glance details about your site's traffic. Most importantly Current, daily, weekly, monthly, totals and estimates are compiled for the main benchmark stats: hits, hosts, visitors and sessions. Included are two great graphs depicting this data over the last seven days and the last month. Below this data is the world famous GoStats last guests list. Often immitated but never duplicated, GoStats' last guest list has evolved over the years to provide the easiest to read and a more comprehensive list of visitor details without overwhelming you with unecessary data.
Free Counter, Visit Counter, Internet Hit Counter, Website Hit Counter
Each time a visitor to your site loads your page, it will regiser a hit on your counter. (The exception is if you have blocked your comptuer from counting). If a visitor views multiple pages within your website, it will count as multiple hits. Generally hits are a good measure of how well used a website is.

All computers on the internet use at least one host IP adddress. Some computers on the same network can share a host IP address. Generally Hosts, like visitors, are a good indication of how unique yoru traffic is. Hosts goes one step further to provide insight into how diverse your traffic is. Since different unique hosts must be at least different browsers, and are likely at different locations.

Each visitor represents on unique person viewing your site. This goes one step further than hosts (since multiple visitors can share the same host) Generally visitors is the best way to determine how popular your site is. Your visitor counter will increase by only one despite multiple visits to multiple webpages within your site by the same customer.
Free Counter, Visit Counter, Internet Hit Counter, Website Hit Counter
Referrer Pages:
Where does your web traffic come from? Which of your marketing efforts have been most effitve? Who sends you lots of traffic? The pages which link to you will do no good unless people are actually clicking on these links. The GoStats referrer pages features is one of the most popular features for measuring your website incomming link traffic.
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