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Information is your best source for great counters. Not only do we provide an excellent counter serivce, but we always answer email!
Free hit counters for your website!

What is a hit counter?: A hit counter is an image displayed on your website that tells you and your visitors how many people have seen your website. You can also use your counter to see if new promotions have really increased traffic to your site. Gostats not only provides free hit counters but a report section which shows you much more information about your visitors (where and when they came etc.)

How can I get a free hit counter? Is it hard?: Counters from are very easy to put on your website. You don't even need to learn HTML. All you have to do is signup, receive an email, and then get a couple lines of HTML code that you will insert into your webpage to display the counter. It's that easy! click here to sign up!