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GoStats helps you analyze and use your website data. Every day there is something new to learn and find.

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  • your web analytics report data instantly updated to alert you of important issues today?
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  • to know what matters? Not just all analytics numbers which can be counted?
  • the easiest, fastest way to understand how your website is used? A true play-by-play list of what each of your visitors do on your site!

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What are the steps to get started?

  • Create an Account

    Create an Account

    An account will give you access and control to your data. Creating an account is a quick process. Click on the activation email and follow the steps to start seeing your data.

  • Copy and Paste analytics code

    Copy & Paste

    For most websites, it is only necessary to copy & paste a small section of analytics code into the HTML source code. Most site administrators can perform this operation. If your site is different than most or more complex and you require assistance, we are happy help you.

  • View reports on your web data

    Reports on your Data

    Once the code is installed, you will start to see analytics data come into your reports. This is where the magic happens — you will begin to see big data for your business in specialized reports made just for you.

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GoStats is fully customizable and can give you the statistics information that is most importantto your web site. You can have a visible or invisible counter. Setup is fast and easy, in no timeyou can get a wealth of analytics data about your web site traffic and how visitors use your site.

Here are some of the Features you will get:

Packed with lots of great features, including information on how your pages are viewed, where people come from to visit your site, how often they return and which content on your site is most popular. GoStats is a quick and easy to use tool for determining how many people visit your website.
The free tier of our service is even recommended by: The free site
Here's a quick list of some features that you will get access to:
  • Powerful web statistics reporting engine
  • ALL GoStats features are completely unlocked
  • The option to fully hide the counter or display as much web traffic data as you desire
  • Visitor traffic displayed on the world map
  • Min/max stats
  • Custom period stats display
  • High priority email response from the legendary GoStats support standards
  • Feature rich, account management control panel
  • Optional listing in the top sites list
  • Comprehensive overview of the last 1000 guests

What Our Clients Say

  • Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to use your hit counter and tracking services. I have my own website and use your program. Its by far the greatest and should be applauded for the ease with which we can use it. I now can keep up with how many hits my site has seen and also find out where they originate from. Thanks again for this service. I appreciate it very much.

    ~Greg Fisher

  • Just wanted to say thanks for your free web page counter and neat statistics! I've tried a few free counters and so far, yours is the only one without any glitches or problems! Thanks!

    ~Katy Skinner

  • I just wanted to say that since I switched to your service, I have been so happy to see the extra information you provide. I would have never guessed that my co-workers liked my site so much!

    ~Marc Kuhl

  • I LOVE having the GoStats hit counter, it's so cool! When I get to the computer, I light up gostats first thing, every time. Sometimes I forget to check my e-mail after playing with gostats so much. I don't understand how you do it (gostats), but I sure do appreciate it.

    ~Rusty Forrest

  • You guys are great. I love the stats and the access availability of them. Oh, and of course its free. What more could you ask for?

    ~Sean Gledhill