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Why Web Statistics Work

The average lifespan of a website is estimated 44 to 77 days. Within this time, either the site failed to make its mark in the interwebs, was unable to meet the goals set by the website owner, or the site's author simply got tired of maintaining a website. Thus the un-updated webpages languish on the web like so much debris piled up along the sides of the information superhighway, testament to so many other dead sites lying right beside it.

There are times in the online (and sometimes offline) life of a website owner when they wonder if they're on the right track. Is maintaining their site worthwhile? Are they wasting their time? What else have they neglected to do?

They've followed all the recommended steps in building their webpages, including ensuring their content is current and relevant to their theme topic, incorporating bold and interactive graphics, and installing tools to make their audience's experience as interesting as possible. So, what is it that’s missing, they ask.

Well, for one, feedback. What the web owner clearly needs is affirmation that he is doing the right thing. Just as performance artists will crave validation in the form of the applause that greets their work, a person who owns and develops a website either for profit or for personal use needs to know if they have met their visitors' expectations.

And one way of knowing whether they have made a hit with their target audience is by installing a simple web counter on their main page. Setting up a web counter is as easy as pasting an HTML code into the template of the main page. As soon as it's up and running, the code will work by keeping count of the number of visitors to the website.

What good will this do? Plenty! By logging each visit and each click made on the links found within the web pages, the web counter tool analyzes the frequency and location of these hits and generates them into scheduled statistical reports for the site owner. These reports are supplemented by colorful tables, graphs and charts to make these web statistics more easily understood.

But what exactly will the web statistics prove? Basically, they will show you the amount of traffic your site gets on a day-to-day basis. And that's the affirmation web site owners seek to prove that they are indeed making a mark where they've intended.

GoStats offers free site counters and web analysis for website owners who need to find out that the goals they're setting are being met, if the target audience they're reaching out for are right there looking through their pages, and exactly which part of the website is popular. GoStats delivers all of that.

With a wide range of site counters that can display the number of visitors right on the main page, or be invisible to everyone except the website owner, GoStats generates reports as near to real-time as possible, showing just how much the site has accomplished in the period of time it was put up for 'netizens to see.

Not much reason to let one's website commit suicide now, is there?

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