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Web Statistics - What Kind of Animal is This?

You have a site and it's up and running. Your content is in place to interest your customers with its timing and relevance. The graphics are impressively riveting, and you're all set to make a profitable presence on the interwebs.

Only one question remains. How do you determine the number of visitors you get in a month? Your website visitors make up the number of hits you get to your site, and this may very well be an indication of how popular your pages are, how pertinent and applicable your content is, and if this site you have established on the 'net has grabbed a piece of the niche it was intended for.

One of the best ways to find out if you are meeting the standards expected by your audience, as well as meeting the goals you have set for yourself, is to find out what your web statistics are telling you. Web statistics? Just what kind of animal is this?

Let's put it this way. If a standard business organization makes use of a sales graph to chart its monthly, quarterly or yearly profits, a website uses a web counter to track the number of visitors to its site. And one of the easiest ways to track visitors is to install a web counter tool to keep you informed of how many times people view your site and click on the links on it.

Web counters are actually very useful Internet applications that can easily be installed on your main page to keep track of every visitor activity that occurs on your site. Based on these numbers, the web counter application generates graphical images, like charts, tables and even maps, to represent the number of visitors to your site.

The number of visitors is equal to the number of times someone browsing through the Internet happens on your site and clicks on the links to get to your various webpages. Based on this data, the web counter analyzes the sum of these hits and provides you with regular statistical reports which will show you how popular your site is.

One reliable service, GoStats, provides website owners and administrators with free web stat counters that offer a host of useful and extraordinary features to help determine the number of hits a website gets each month, the number of returning visitors, and which particular webpage generates the most number of visits, among its other attractions.

Whether you are an owner of an online business, a blogger, or a corporate webmaster, GoStats will speed you on your way to knowing if you have been meeting your online presence goals.

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