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Web Statistics at Your Fingertips

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of web site owners that run an online business who are not maximizing the variety of the tools found on the Internet to help them run their business.

For instance, most aren’t even aware that the web plays host to countless statistics and analytics tools that they can have easy access to if they only know where to look. Those that have found these tools don’t know what to do with them at all.

One tool that can help you, the online business owner, is a tool that helps track visitors to your site. Visitor tracking plays a very important role in e-business. Knowing the number of visitors that go through your site can tell you how much of an impact your site has achieved.

However, data about the number of visitors you have isn’t enough. You’ll need a tracking tool that will tell you where your visitors are coming from, the relevant keywords they’ve used to find your site, which particular pages they viewed, and which pages they kept coming back to. Knowing all these comprises one of the best secrets successful online business owners have caught on to – they know their customers. They know what their customers want.

Using a web tracker tool to provide you with website statistics will give you insights on the web traffic you’re getting by presenting you with numbers based on traffic statistics, not guesswork. This will help you make decisions based on your customer’s clickstream behavior, including adjusting your site’s content to meet their needs.

You may view these statistics as a form of feedback: these are your customers, and this is what they want to do on your website. Based on this feedback, you can fine-tune your online business strategies by keeping the ones that work and discarding the ones that don’t. In this way, web statistics are actually helping you to improve your online business and increase your profit through better website management.

GoStats is a web tracker service that provides a web analytics package with a lot of valuable features to help you track the information you need. The general statistics will provide you with data on visitors and number of page views, the length of time a page was viewed, entry pages where each visitor started in on your site, the last page each visitor viewed on your site, your visitors’ geographic locations, and even which words were entered in the search engines to find your website.

All this information that GoStats generates for your site will help you make the necessary site tuning adjustments where they’re needed and make smarter, more profitable decisions for your online business.

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