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Increasing Your Profits with Web Statistics Tools

Here you thought all it took was to have your website designed, find the most reputable online company to host your site, get a talented webmaster, and viola! Your customers will find a way to your site in the vast wilderness that is the World Wide Web.

What you may not know, however, is the role that web statistics plays on your website. Understanding how to track your visitors and evaluate this traffic will help you pinpoint your trouble spots where you need to initialize improvements to be able to maximize your presence on the Internet.

With the right statistical tools, you'll be astounded at the amount of information you can learn about your site, and the numbers made available to you that'll give you a clearer understanding about what's going on with your website in relation to the number of visitors you are getting regularly.

Your webmaster wunderkind should be able to lead you to where these statistics add up on your site, and explain how a statistical tool tracks all movement as it happens. After logging on and taking a look at the reports generated by your web statistics application, you'll be able to see all activity on your site on a daily (or weekly, or monthly, or yearly) basis. So how do you analyze all this data to understand what they mean to your website?

First, take a look at the basic figures. These statistics tell you the total number of visits to your site in a given period and the number of page views you've gotten per page. This is where you'll be able to see which part of your site has generated the most interest based on the volume of traffic. By comparing this valuable information over the course of time, you'll find out if you've had increases or decreases in your visitors and page views.

Other statistics of interest are the number of hits your website gets from the various search engines on the Internet, telling you where people enter and exit your site. Based on these numbers, you should be able to see the number of visitors that click on your homepage and continue on to the other pages of your website. You'll also be able to monitor how much activity you get at which time of the year.

Knowing all this information will help you decide where to improve your website, when to add new pages or when to offer special promotions on your site when traffic is heaviest. To help you understand your numbers even more, GoStats, a reliable web traffic counter service gives clients prompt and high-priority responses to all inquiries about their site's traffic.

A favorite site analyzer since 1999, GoStats offers comprehensive web statistics counters to track your visitors and analyze their activities on your site. With a professional web stats counter, an account management control panel, and a powerful reporting engine, GoStats is a feature-rich service that will make your adventure into understanding your site's web statistics more interesting, rewarding, and well worth your time.

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