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Tracking Your Web Statistics With GoStats

Your website statistics need not remain a mystery with a reliable web traffic service that tracks your site activity. Some web page counters provide you with on-site display of the number of visitors that click on your pages, others offer more advanced tracking applications that give up-to-the-minute detailed information both online and off-line. You end up asking yourself which site counter or tracking system is best for your site.

No need to get all confused. The answer is simple: it all depends on what you, the website owner, needs.

If your site is hosted by a web company, check to see if they have pre-installed site counter scripts which you can install by adding a code to your html pages. If not, you may have to look elsewhere to find one. One such website traffic analysis site is GoStats, a web traffic counter service that has been providing free hit counters since 1999.

GoStats offers feature-rich tools which track your site’s information based on page views, return visitors and page popularity. Quick, simple to use, and even easier to understand, their free hit counter is an ideal application to use for finding out how many visitors click on your website.

Many site counters measure your sites total visits, the number of unique visits, your visitors’ IP numbers, the referring websites and search engines, and keyword searches visitors use in the search engines to get to your site. Other web analytics sites offer advice on how you can improve the way your website performs.

A simple upgrade with GoStats will entitle you to a professional web stats counter which will provide you with comprehensive data and site analysis. GoStats’ powerful web statistics reporting engine will generate regular reports, including displaying your visitor traffic on the world map.

Site counters and web analytics tools available on the web offer log analysis programs that read the statistics for your home page, as well as the other pages on your site. This feature ensures that you get the information about which pages garnered the most number of views, and which ones were visited the least number of times. Other statistics include your visitors’ entry and exit pages, the search engines and other websites that directed traffic to you, and the keywords and phrases used by visitors to get to your site via the search engines.

GoStats does all that, as well. You can opt to display your web traffic information on your pages, or hide it for your private viewing. Most importantly, GoStats values your patronage. You will always be assured of prompt emailed responses to any queries you might have because at GoStats, you the customer, are the top priority.

Whatever your web statistics and analytics needs may be, you will find all you need, and more, at GoStats.

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