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Increasing Your Profits with Web Statistics Tools

Detractors of site counters and web statistics tools say that these applications aren't an accurate basis of the number of visitors that land on your site, or an indication of how popular your site actually is.

But there are always two sides to every coin. Knowing how to best use web statistics to your advantage is the key. Maximizing the data your web analytics tool provides you with will allow you give your site the necessary tune-ups to be able meet your customers' needs.

If you take a look at the page counts, and the entry and exit pages, you will get a broad view of where exactly on your site your visitors keep coming back to. It all comes down to determining the pattern of your visitor paths to show you which pages you need to fine tune on your site.

Take for instance this scenario: you observe that a majority of your visitors get to your site via page A, but are leaving the site also on the same page. You can safely come to the conclusion that you may need to modify or improve page A to keep your visitors' attention from straying, and to encourage them to continue browsing through your site.

If you are selling products or services on your website and your goal is to get your visitors to a page where you actually get to close a sale, only they don't continue on to reach this page, your web statistical data may be telling you that you need to shorten the page succession, or enhance its path to keep your visitors going right through to the end.

Another thing your site analytics tool can tell you is what people are searching for when they happen upon your site. By taking a look at the Referrers and Search Phrase results, you'll see what words or phrases your visitors used on search engines which forwarded them to you. In some instances, you may actually find that they were looking for something else. This is one way web statistics lets you know that you may need to change your main keywords for them to be more relevant to your site's products, services, or theme.

While there remain people who look with disfavor on site counter tools or web analytics applications, GoStats, a professional web statistics analyzer, has been serving online business owners by providing them with all the invaluable information they need to improve their sites, and as a result, their profits and income streams.

The Internet has developed into the “ultimate medium for business”, with $109 billion in consumer spending in 1999, the same year GoStats started its operations. Through it all, GoStats has been on the sidelines supporting its clients and helping them take big slices of the e-commerce pie.

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