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The Secret to a Successful Website is Easier Than You Think

The secret that the mega websites use is as old as commerce itself. A basic principle applied by all successful national chain stores today. Grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, electronics, home improvements--you know who the big-box players are. And they know you. That's their secret.

The secret to increasing sales is to know your customers. Consider this the next time you walk into a big chain grocery store. Take a look around. Everything you see is there for a reason. Because the store knows you. They know where you came from, what you came to look at, which part of the store you'll walk through first, which part of the store you'll stay in for the longest and shortest times, what you like to look at, and how much money you'll spend.

They know all this because they continue to spend millions of dollars every year to monitor customer behaviors and identify trends and patterns. They accomplish this through a complex analysis of sales figures, product placement and movement, and data captured from cash registers and video cameras. They even go so far as to hire real people to stand in designated areas of the store and literally count the customers and track how long they linger. It's a lot of work in the physical world, but it's no work at all on the internet.

Out here in cyberspace, everything is digital. You don't need cameras or human spotters. You don't need accountants and analysts to gather and crunch your numbers. And you don't need to spend any money. All you need is GoStats' free Traffic Analysis software.

With GoStats' free Traffic Analysis software, you can find out where your visitors are coming from, what pages they're reading the most, and exactly where they are when they leave your site. You can identify their shopping and buying patterns, and pinpoint where you're losing them. Knowing what they dislike is just as important as knowing what they like.

You can't improve what you don't understand. So stop wishing for better results. Take action. Install GoStats' free Traffic Analysis software today and join the ranks of successful websites.