Choose your free Stat Counter

Getting started with your stat counter is much easier than you think!

To install your stat counter with GoStats, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account for for your stat counter: Create your account here!
  2. Choose your counter style and type (many to choose from)
  3. Copy and Paste your new code
  4. That's it! Your stat counter is now fully installed!

Bonus Tips:

  • To display a link to your stats under your stat counter, check the box for "Enable stats link under the counter image".
  • Always prefer the "JavaScript" version of the stat counter code over the "HTML" version. You will get more stats!
  • For the standard stat counter image faces, you can choose any color option in addition to a special transparency option to make your stat counter invisible!

What is a Stat Counter and what does it do?