The Internet Classroom Guide

With the Internet, teachers have the tools to open a new world to their students. The learning experience is enhanced by interactive activities and virtual field trips, which is much more interesting than traditional methods. Other than that, students can learn how to do research on the Internet, and practice online safety when they are doing Internet exercises. Here are some resources for teachers who want to introduce their students to the Internet classroom.


  • Phonics Learning Games: Young ones can have fun while they learn pronunciation and the alphabet.
  • Rainbow the Spouting Trout: Teach preschoolers how to use the mouse in this bug catching game.
  • Learn to Read: Interactive lessons to teach kindergarten kids to read.
  • Math: Many interactive lessons covering algebra, geometry, measurement, and more.
  • Kids Farm: Online lessons that teaches preschoolers about animals and the farm.
  • Goodnight Moon: A coloring game for younger kids to help develop motors skills and creativity.
  • Games: Collection of many games on various subjects for preschoolers.
  • Barnyard Babies: Great site for children to learn how to count with catchy song, music, animal sounds, and bright illustration.
  • Story Starters: A collection of story starters to help younger kids learn how to tell stories.
  • Early Literacy: Teaches children to learn the basics of reading.

Grades 1 to 6

  • Illustrate a Story: A place where kids can pick a story, print it out, and illustrate it according to their fancy.
  • Games: A series of games for elementary students to learn to solve problems and think critically. 
  • Farm Animals: A lesson to teach children about the animals in Old McDonald’s farm.
  • PBS Games: Many games to help kids to improve their grammar, spelling, math, and others.
  • The Pilgrim Life Adventure: Webquest for elementary students to understand the lives of pilgrims.
  • Wonderful World of Weather: Wonderful project based on real time weather statistics.
  • Exploring Leonardo: Interactive website where kids can learn about Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest men who ever lived.
  • Time Machine: A fun way to learn about the history of coin minting in the United States.
  • All-Star River Explorers: Online slide show about formation of rivers.
  • National Atlas: Provides maps of the United States.

Grades 7 to 9

Grades 9 to 12

  • Cell Cycles & Cell Division: Online lesson about prokaryotic cell cycle, eukaryotic cell cycle, and control eukaryotic cycle.
  • Table of Elements: Interesting and colorful way to learn about the periodic table.
  • The Arthurian Legends: Resource center with student activities and links to the King Arthur legend.
  • Allegory in Painting: A lesson plan with activities to help high school students understand the concept of allegory in visual arts.
  • Witness for the Prosecution: An opportunity for students to come up with their very own online newspaper based on Agatha Christie’s play.
  • Endocrinology: A project in which high school students will be tested on their expertise in the field of Endocrinology as well as their public presentation skills.
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt: An activity to develop computer skills in high school students.
  • Circle Packing: A series of lessons to help students learn about the properties of circles.
  • Field Trips: A collection of links to virtual field trips in many museums.
  • CHEMystery: Virtual chemistry textbook for chemistry students in high school.

Teaching Resources

  • Internet Classroom: Provides strategies for teachers who use the Internet in classrooms.
  • Curriculum Resources: Great resource center for K12 teachers covering many subjects as well as tips and tools.
  • In Time: A project dedicated to helping teachers integrate modern technologies into the teaching methods.
  • Internet4Classrooms: Useful resource center for Internet classroom teachers.
  • Why Use Internet in the Classroom?: An article that discusses the advantages of using the Internet for teaching.
  • Internet Safety: Offers advice and tips for teachers who are using the Internet in the classroom.
  • NASA: Great resource center with lesson plans, online activities, games, and more.
  • LInC Projects: A collection of K12 projects covering many topics.
  • Resources for Educators: Many resources for the modern teacher.
  • Technology Tips: A wealth of information for the Internet classroom teacher.