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Press Release June 3, 2008

Data Center Explosion Claims Popular Websites – GoStats avoids outage

Online web site measurement company GoStats survives the resulting fire with zero downtime

HOUSTON, Tex., June 3, 2008 – GoStats.com announced today that the company's website avoided any outages through the June 1 Houston data center fire & explosion which claimed tens of thousands of popular web destinations. Among the 9,000 servers affected by the explosion, fire and loss of power, GoStats had a solid emergency plan, an advanced network and superior fail-over technology.

“Not a single customer of GoStats lost even one second of service, thanks to our advanced system technology and proactive disaster planning.” Said Richard Chmura founder of GoStats.

Other sites were not so fortunate, the outage lasted between 2 and 3 days depending on the location of the server in the data center. Thousands of customers were without service and likely millions of downstream clients were affected in a some way.

“It's not acceptable to simply blame someone else when a disaster occurs. Planning for a disaster is something all companies should do. It is laughable assume that a disaster will never happen in the long run. A great burden is placed on your customers when you don't have disaster plans” said Richard Chmura found of GoStats. “Most people are quick to point fingers and pass blame, however, that behavior does nothing for the customers who have lost service. Responsible disaster and risk management is critical in today's increasing complex on demand world.”

Hundreds of thousands of GoStats clients were unaffected by the outage due to special planning and system functions specially designed to mitigate disasters. Clients of GoStats rely on speed and uptime to ensure that the loading of their own web pages are not disrupted. During the outage, there was nearly no noticeable delay in the loading of pages, and only some specific GoStats features were paused briefly or delayed.

Meanwhile countless other services around the web lost connectivity and failed to provide service for between 48 and 72 hours. The ripple effect of this service failure delayed and slowed down countless other third parties who rely on the down services.

About GoStats
GoStats is an innovative web site visitor measurement service which is used by millions every day. Founded in 1999 by Richard Chmura, GoStats is a top leader in accurate, fast and reliable web site tracking in real time. GoStats has helped many business to bring success to their web operations by giving them immediate and quantifiable understanding of the success and status of their web site. GoStats is headquartered in North America and has operations in Europe and Asia.


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