Importance of real time tracker

Not so many website owners understand the importance of web analytics, especially when talking about solutions targeting affordable and real-time tracking. You can get the live visitor tracking, advanced segmentation, top-notch tool for custom report and customization of dynamic content to engage your visitors and testing of action based on specific segments that you create. Real time website performance monitoring by Gostats which permits one in real time to determine the website traffic, how many people are surfing your web page, for how long are they staying on various pages of your website, what are the periods when there is maximum traffic on your website.

Few website owners spend hours each week just to inspect reports website to find problems. Most of them do not even know what to look for. This is the biggest problem with current solutions in web analytics. For many of us, it just takes a lost of time trying to figure out what we should look, and what is the meaning of all this data and how to track user behavior. Moreover it.s important to track real time data for specific events or a specified sales day for a shopping cart website and this is where Gostats comes to the rescue.

Looking on the bright side, Gostats is probably the most effective real-time and most flexible web analytics tool in the market today. Prices are well balanced and affordable even for small sites and blog owners for advanced reports and functionality but the basic and most used real time tracking features are FREE! So as you can see, there is much to like about Gostats, and I'm sure that once you try it, you will know the difference between the latest real time tracking reports and just web-analytics.