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As if creating a new blog on Blogger isn.t exciting enough, you can add a counter for Blogspot from to significantly enhance your blogging experience. Whether your blog is for personal or business use, a hit counter will provide many benefits. After you have selected a Blogger template design and begun posting, you will want to take advantage of the useful facts, helpful information, and vital statistics provided from a hit counter. The counter will gather information related to every hit, or visit, to your blog. There are free counters and professional counters available. The free hit counters are designed with limited, but interesting and beneficial, features. Generally, they will collect and report information about total visits, repeat visits, and page popularity. These stats are collected, assimilated, and reported every day, week, month, and year. As you gain experience blogging and expand your blog, a more inclusive, informative counter might be desired. can easily accommodate your needs. Using a counter for Blogspot will help you make your personal blog more popular and help increase traffic on your business blog. 

I. Register and Copy code

  1. Visit and click "Sign Up"
  2. Fill in all the fields and click "Sign Up"
  3. Open your inbox and confirm your account.
  4. Choose and click on one of the counter styles
  5. Inside the "Counter Code" page, click on "HTML"
  6. Select and Copy all the codes in the yellow box.
Counter for Blogspot Counter for Blogspot Counter for Blogspot
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Using Hit Counter in Blog

Continue to these next steps to use Hit Counter in once you did steps 1-6:

7. Visit and login with your Blogger account

8. Click .Design. under your Blog name

9. Click .Add a Gadget. inside your template design

Counter for Blogspot Counter for Blogspot Counter for Blogspot

9. In the pop-up window, Click .HTML/Javascript. Leave the .Title. field blank and paste
HTML Code inside .Content. field, Click .Save.. Open your Blogspot Page and see the Counter at the designated place.

Counter for Blogspot Counter for Blogspot Counter for Blogspot