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  • reports which are simple elegant and easy on your mind & eyes? (quick review of important numbers)
  • to know what matters? Not just all analytics numbers which can be counted?
  • the easiest, fastest way to understand how your website is used? A true play-by-play list of what each of your visitors do on your site!
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GoStats continues to provide a reliable site stats traffic counter service with web analytics since 1999. Please click here to start tracking your website and see why everyone loves us.

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GoStats is fully customizable and can give you the statistics information that is most important to your web site. You can have a visible or invisible counter. Setup is fast and easy, in no time you can get a wealth of data about your web site traffic and how visitors use your site.
Free web stats counters
Packed with lots of great features, including information on page views, return visitors, and page popularity, this free hit counter is a quick and easy to use tool for determining how many people visit your website. So if you have a limited or even non-existent web stats budget, then the GoStats free hit counter is ideal for you.
For other free services see our associate: The free site
Professional web stats counter
Ideal for those who want a comprehensive web statistics counter to analyze their site visitors, the GoStats professional web stats counter offers even more great features than the free counter version, all at a reasonable cost. These features include:
  • Powerful web statistics reporting engine
  • ALL GoStats features are completely unlocked
  • The option to fully hide the counter or display as much web traffic data as you desire
  • Visitor traffic displayed on the world map
  • Min/max stats
  • Custom period stats display
  • High priority email response from the legendary GoStats support standards
  • Feature rich, account management control panel
  • Optional listing in the top sites list
  • Comprehensive overview of the last 1000 guests